Vegan Summer Festival + Eurovision


I have had a really good day at the Vegan Summer Festival with my friends. And it was such a beautiful day as well. It is nice that London is finally starting to get warmer. I can even remember going to the park this time last year.


The festival itself was not as big as the Vegfest I went to in January (Which, by the way, was huge) but nevertheless was it really nice and I found a lot of interesting stalls, including food, pastries, cosmetics, drinks and clothing. With the VIP ticket, I even got a goodie bag with lots of products and vouchers! However, I think the best part of going to such events is the feeling of being around like-minded people. Even though I am vegan for health and ethical reasons it is very nice to be part of this community filled with reflective, compassionate and happy people. I really hope to meet more of you as my journey as a vegan goes on.

For lunch I had this incredible burger. It does not necessarily look that tempting, but hey, spicy seitan patty and vegan bacon?! And with cheese and a bomb dressing. Simply drool-worthy.

I am also quite happy that I brought these goodies back home for me to enjoy while I was watching Eurovision. The rainbow cupcake from Sweet P Bakes was really nice, and with that super cute glitter cherry on top! And just because it looked and sounded so nice I just had to get a slice of the spirulina, strawberry and chocolate cake from Vegan Sweet Tooth as well.18449872_1609801229032703_1859549017_n

We also went to a “Kickstart your health” demo talk held by Food For Life where I assisted in cooking. It was so much fun, and the bulgur breakfast dish I made was super tasty. I might use it to make my own recipe to share with you!

And also, if you are wondering what is up with the gems in our faces, we got it from Baking Bad Vegan, such a nice woman!

Lastly, now I am watching the end of Eurovision. It is such a guilty pleasure for me to watch it, even though I tend to end up doing it alone, haha. I was hoping for either Denmark or the United Kingdom to win. I know, Scandinavia or the country I live in… Very ironic. However, Portugal won, and I am realising that it is indeed a very nice song. Congratulations to Portugal!

I hope you have had great day and that you are enjoying your weekend! Speak to you soon.

Kennet x

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