Assessments are over!

Good morning everyone!

Right now I am having some yogurt and fruit for breakfast while I am thinking about how nice it feels to be done with assessments. There is something about them that just requires a lot of extra energy. I have been assessed in all the major classes, including jazz, contemporary and ballet, as well as IPD (Which basically means pilates).


Some photos of me and the rest of my ballet class. I am so happy to be dancing alongside these lovelies.

After our ballet assessment we got our teacher wine, a card and some lovely flowers. I am so grateful for having her as a teacher, she has taught me sooo much. Thank you, Jane!

And here is a photo after my jazz assessment. Happy bunch.


Now I am off to the vegan Market in Hackney, so I will give you an update of how I found it there.


Have a lovely Saturday!

Kennet x


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