Vegan Market + Naked Burrito Party

Good evening!

I just came home, been out and about all day long. It has been a really good day, though. First, I went to Hackney Downs Vegan Market, and then later to a Naked Burrito Dinner Party. I am soo full right now, but I have had some unbelievably yummy food!


Hackney Downs Vegan Market takes place every third Saturday of the month, and is a collaboration between Fat Gay Vegan and Hackney Downs Studios/Eat Work Art showcasing veganism and art. I think it is such a good idea, and I am very impressed after my visit today. 20170520_114035

Here is the published line-up
from May 20, 2017:

  1. Battered – The fabulous vegan fish and chip truck
  2. Club Mexicana – Superstar street food vendors inspired by Mexico
  3. Sourdough Mess – Expect a LOT of vegan cookies at this stall
  4. La Crèmerie – Dairy free rice yoghurt in several flavours
  5. Baking Bad – Colourful and sparkly cakes and bakes
  6. Black Mylk – Vegan ice creamIMG_20170520_134600_897
  7. Made in Hackney – Local food justice group teaching about and advocating for easier access to nutrition
  8. Young Vegans – Pie and mash, with a sweet offering of gluten-free brownies
  9. Peanut Butter Bakery – Decadent freshly cooked donuts
  10. Big V London – Gourmet burgers and sweet potato fries famous south of the river20170520_125205
  11. Vegan Delice – Cupcakes, tray bakes and biscuit maker
    with a loyal and loving following
  12. Temple of Seitan – Champions of vegan London!
  13. Café SoVegan – Seitan burgers with all the trimmings, mac and cheese and cheesecakes


After the market I went to some friends of mine (Whom I will be living with for a month or so in near future) who were arranging the Naked Burrito Dinner Party. They have done several parties like this before, and I always have such a good time! There have been a Chocolate Extravaganza Party, a Friendsgiving and a Halloween Party, and they always cater a lot of vegan food, which I am very thankful for. To be honest, most of the food is actually vegan, even though just one of the people in the house is vegan.

Afterwards we played some games. One of them was an improvised and creative version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, hahaha. Lots of laughter, friends and food! Just how I like it. Even though the food today have not been the healthiest, it has been good. I reckon one could say that to be healthy you sometimes have to be unhealthy as well.


Speaking of which, I think I have to taste one of those donuts I brought back from Peanut Butter Bakery now. I have never tried any of their baked good, so I am very excited. Always looking to expand my horizon to vegan food.

Kennet x

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