Moving out

Good evening!

As I have mentioned before I am moving out of my current residence. I have lived here since I first came to London, which is two years now. It has been nice and I have made lots of memories in this flat, but I feel like it is about time I experienced something new.20170527_114727

I will be staying with some friends for a while whilst looking for a new place. I am very excited to be living with them. It will also be the first time I live in a house where I have to speak English all the time, as my previous flatmates have all been Norwegian as well.

Today has been a really productive day. One of the people from the house I will stay in helped me move my stuff over. Just saying, it was a lot of carrying and a lot of stairs! Now the flat is quite empty… Still some things left, as they were too big for the car. I will be moving them with an Uber later. I also cleaned the bathroom here and started a bit on my bedroom as well. Hopefully finishing it tomorrow. I do not know exactly what day I will be moving, but it is definitely going to be this coming week!Snapchat-380537319


Kennet x

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