Should you “treat yourself”?

Good evening!

A lot of non-vegans have asked me if I ever eat chocolate. Or if I can eat ice cream. Or if I ever eat anything “unhealthy” at all. The answer to all these questions is simply just yes. 

First of all, being a vegan does not automatically mean one is healthy. There are lots and lots of unhealthy options for vegans as well, like chocolate, ice cream and sweets. Did you know that even Oreos are vegan? Being healthy involves making more nutritious choices in your diet. However, in my opinion it is healthy to be unhealthy sometimes. Having a pack of Oreos or some chocolate while watching your favourite series once in a while can be good for the mind. In this day and age where the focus on health and body is so apparent, I believe a little treat is good to release some of this pressure. Your goals, fitness or body composition will not change just by having that one little treat. It is when you make it a habit it can become a problem. 20170601_202342

I personally love having a little treat while I am watching series on Netflix, but instead of always going for something like a bag of crisps I have experimented a lot in the kitchen as well as used hours in the supermarket to find sweet and satisfying treats that are not necessarily too high in calories or sugar. I have found that restricting myself from having any snacks (Healthy or unhealthy, higher or lower in calories) just makes my cravings worse. I believe that with restriction most people will eventually break and and eat what they have been craving. Because they had already made the decision to not eat any of these snacks, they end up feeling disappointed in themselves for giving in and “breaking their rules”. In my opinion, this is when your supposedly healthy lifestyle is no longer good for you, because your relationship to the food you eat is weakened as an expense to maintaining your healthy diet.

So what I am saying is, if you feel like having a treat, then do! Being healthy is not just about the stuff you actually eat, it is also about what and how you feel in relation to it. With that said, I am going to go and enjoy some ice cream while I watch videos on Youtube. Tonight there is also the season finale of a reality show (Yes, guilty pleasures) I have been watching for the last twelve weeks, so I am very excited about that. Speak to you soon!20170601_202008

Kennet x

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