Wild Food Café

Hi everyone!

Lately I have gotten more into raw food. I like the idea of eating something that is 100% natural. In this day and age where a lot of food in the supermarkets are processed it feels nice having something you now will aid in detoxing your body. This is why I want to talk about the Wild Food Café, which I had brunch at the other day.

It is situated in Neal´s Yard in Covent Garden, so basically in the very middle of London, making it very accessible for everyone. I know it from the eatery concept, but they also do occasional health and wellness courses as well as having a little shop section with some superfoods. On their website they describe themselves as ´a raw-centric, plant-based eatery focused on creative, seasonal and organic plant-based food´so you can be sure there is just healthy goodness on their menu.


I normally do not have a lot of juice, as they tend to be very sugary. However, I went for their Vibrant Green juice, because it was mainly filled with veggies instead of just fruit. It was made with fresh apple, celery, spinach, cucumber, basil and lime.

My main course was not raw, but oh my, was it tasty! I have gotten a thing for buddah bowls, they are just so good, and you can mix whatever you want. There were lots of nourishing ingredients in this one, and the dressing was super nice.IMG_20170514_205625_347

Of course I had to get a dessert as well. I can not say no to a nice dessert when I know there is no sugary and processed junk I am getting. This was a raw vegan white chocolate and goji berry tart with some muesli and a goji berry sauce. Chocolate (Or raw cacao) and goji berries are both packed with antioxidants, so this was a super dessert to rid my body of toxins and free radicals. Plus it left me feeling super satisfied and happy. What can be better than healthy cake?


All in all it is a really good place to eat. However, I personally think I would prefer having brunch or lunch instead of dinner there. The café itself is really nice, and they have this beautiful piece of art on one of the walls. The staff is also very friendly, they even told me I had beautiful eyes! It was a good experience, and I will definitely return.

Kennet x



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