Wheatgrass tea recipe | Green powder instead of tea

Good afternoon!

After I got into healthy eating, I have experimented a lot to find new and better solutions for some of my previously unhealthy eating habits. For this I have decided to make a collection of new ideas I have come up with, showcasing healthier options I use on a daily basis. You can find them in the main menu under “Tips and tricks”. Enjoy!

The first post will be dedicated to tea. Through my childhood my mother would always sip on her beloved cup of forest fruit tea, so I am very used to having tea around me and having a cup now and then. I suppose the situation stayed the same when I moved to the UK – The country of tea lovers.20170622_192847

However, as an athlete I have found that drinking tea sets me back. This might sound a bit strange, but both coffee and a lot of tea is, in fact, diuretic. This means that it aids in bringing fluid out of the body, and this is why you need the loo a while after that cup. The consequence is that you are risking getting dehydrated, which then again lowers your blood volume and makes your system unable to transport as much oxygen around the body as it normally would. This can lead to headaches, cravings, slower metabolism, overeating, exhaustion, lack of ability to concentrate and so much more. All in all – bad performance, which is something we do not want.


Green powder

Because of this I tend to substitute most of the normal tea I drink with green powders. There is a variety of different green powders out there. At the moment I tend to use wheatgrass powder, but other options could be barleygrass, matcha or green tea powder. They are all packed with good nutrients, so it feels extra nice knowing that you are also nourishing your body with that cup of tea. A lot of standard tea also has caffeine, so using green powders instead can be great for those avoiding that as well. Note that matcha and green tea has caffeine, though. Here is a quick, easy and healthy recipe of my current go-to tea:



  • 1 tsp wheatgrass powder
  • 1 tsp stevia
  • A splash of oat milk *
  • Hot water


  1. Boil some water.
  2. Add the wheatgrass and stevia to a cup with two tablespoons of hot water. Mix well until it forms a paste, and then fill the rest of the cup with more hot water.
  3. Add your desired amount of oat milk and stir everything together.


*If you are using a different plant milk that has a higher fat content, like soy or coconut, I recommend letting the tea cool down a bit before you add the milk to prevent separation. Using warm milk will also make it easier.

What do you think of this idea? I love looking for new ways of nourishing my body without having to compromise the dishes I eat or the drinks I have, and I am very excited to share my ideas with you!

Kennet x

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