Redemption Bar Shoreditch

Good evening!

A couple of weeks ago I had a really nice brunch at Redemption Bar in Shoreditch with my two previous flatmates. I do love eating out, and I do not really say no to go out for a meal either, but this was a special occasion. It was to mark the end of two good years in the flat and for the great friendships that came with it.20170611_133535

Redemption was a fantastic place to go to, and they provide exactly what I aim for with my meals; plantbased AND healthy. The initial question behind the concept of their restaurants was why socialising always had to happen on the expense of one´s health, which is how they ended up with their great motto “spoil yourself without spoiling yourself”. Redemption was made as a place away from temptation and toxins, but still feels like a treat. They have two restaurants, one in Notting Hill and this one in Shoreditch.20170611_133544

“Redemption aims to be a company with a ‘heart of gold’ – we don’t harm or kill animals to create our food; we source the highest quality fresh ingredients locally and where possible organically; we have a zero waste policy; we aim for a zero or positive environmental footprint.  That’s not to say we’re holier than thou or boring. We are both far from perfect so we don’t preach to people about their lifestyles,  we’re just providing an alternative – a night out but a night off.”

Buckwheat pancakes

The restaurant looks really nice and has a calming yet modern look. It is open and tidy, and there is even the option to sit outside, which is what we did in the nice summer heat. The bar serves alcohol-free drinks, and the food is amazing. If you ever go there, and it is still on menu, DO get the banoffee pie, because it is beyond heaven!

Banoffee pie
Heart beets juice

All in all, I think this is one of the best places I have eaten in London. There are quite a lot of places to eat vegan junk food, but if you go here you know that you will get tasty but healthy food. No need to eat junk to have a nice meal.

Have anyone been there, what did you think?

Kennet x

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