Show week is here!

Hi everyone!

I am getting ready to perform at New Wimbledon Theatre this weekend, and I am so excited. This is without doubt the best part of the whole year. We have all been working really hard in class since September, and this is our chance to show what we have learned and to do what we love the most – dance on that stage!



It is a big company, so each day until the premiere on Friday different people are coming in to do tech runs for the pieces they are in. I am going later today to tech the jazz piece I am in, and then on Thursday we are doing tech the two contemporary pieces and the ballet piece I am in. Long and tiring days, but I am enjoying it.

The shows are Friday 14th at 19:30, Saturday 15th at 13:30 and 19:30 and Sunday 16th at 14:30. By the way, I am playing the part as Romeo in Valentina Dolci´s jazz piece on both the matinées and then the ensemble part for the evenings. If you want more info about the show you can click here. It is a showcase of all the students, so the show itself is a collage of many individual pieces, all with different stories, so there will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy.

I hope to see some of you there!

Kennet x

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