End of show + back in Norway

Hi everyone!

Oh my, last week was quite something. It was super busy and tiring, but I loved every second of it. As you know by now, it is when I finally get to perform I remember how much I love what I do.


There were tech runs all week followed by four shows in the weekend, one on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. I had the best time and got to perform alongside so many talented people. I am incredibly grateful for getting this opportunity. However, this was the last time for me to perform in London Studio Centre´s annual “Dance Overture”, as there are only first and second years who participate… Sad times, but I know new and exciting challenges lie ahead!



As I have now successfully finished my second year at college, I am going to gather energy to go onto the third and last year. This year is going to be tough, but in a different way. It is company work, so I will be working professionally alongside lots of my friends and then towards the end of the academic year we will go on tour together! I can honestly say that I can not wait to work with this lovely bunch. So many nice people and I have grown very fond of them these past two years.





LRM_EXPORT_20170715_100149I am now back in Norway and settling in. I must point out that travelling between two countries literally feels like I am travelling between two different lives. It is an interesting experience, and it teaches you to handle culture and your own relationships in a different way. I have already met one of my friends, and then some of those who have also moved away from here is coming to visit later this week. I am really looking forward to see all of them, as it is so long between each time we meet.


When I have settled down and come into my new routine I will start sharing more food related posts with you guys. I am sure you wonder what my diet looks like when I travel between these two “lives”. I try to eat as close to what I normally do back in London, but as veganism is not as big in Norway yet, most vegan convenience-food is rather expensive. However, no one said you have to buy a lot of the expensive stuff to be healthy. Stay tuned to see how I do!


Kennet x



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