An amazing weekend!

Hi everyone!

If you saw my latest post on Instagram, you already know that I wanted to share my weekend with you. The last couple of days have been exactly what I needed to start off my summer!


My best friend (More like a sister, though), Emilie, came to visit on Friday and we went to the shopping centre together, and afterwards we went to a restaurant and had Chinese for dinner. I went for vegetables in a nice hoisin sauce with rice on the side. I am sure we were close to dying by the point we got the food so we started digging in straight away, as you can see. 20170721_182532



Then on Saturday I invited some friends over and later we all went out together. I do not really go out much, but it is always nice to go out to dance once in a while. Even though I dance at college for hours every day it is very different dancing in a social context. We literally took over the dance floor and had an amazing night together. I always enjoy seeing my friends again after a long time in England.



On Sunday three of us drove out to the countryside to visit Emilie´s parents, whom I am also very close to. They had invited us over for a sushi tapas night, which I thought was really nice! I do not see them very often, but I do consider them as a “second pair” of parents. After turning vegan I have not had dinner with them before, so I really appreciated being invited. It was a really nice meal. My sushi rolls were made with a mix of marinated tofu, avocado, cucumber, mango and spring onion. We also had salads, seaweed salads and other nice condiments. I also made vegan cake for dessert, which they all loved. I want to tweak the recipe a bit, but I will post it for you soon! We ate the whole cake!They are all omnivores, which is why there is seafood on the table. However, they did ask about my choice of turning vegan and they were very supportive about my decision, which is very important to me. They seemed intrigued about the fact that being vegan has made me feel fitter and happier than ever, so they said they would like to try eating less meat, or at least giving meat-free Monday a go. Either way, I had an amazing evening with good food, great company and interesting conversations.



Monday AKA the extra Sunday

We were supposed to leave today and go back to the city, but because we enjoyed ourselves so much here we decided to stay for another day. After breakfast we packed and drove to a nice beach were we stayed and enjoyed the sun. When we came back we made a Thai carrot soup for dinner and afterwards we went for a walk to see the animals on the farm around here. I must admit the longer I stay vegan the more I realise how much I care about animals and how happy they make me.




Now we are enjoying a nice cup of tea, and then we are going to start planning next year´s summer holiday. By that time I have graduated from college, so we are thinking about going to Thailand to celebrate and to simply enjoy life. I love travelling so I hope we will be able to make it.

I am off to my first shift at work tomorrow afternoon. Got to earn some money to afford the last year at college. Speak to you soon!

Kennet x

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