Hi everyone!

You might have seen over on Instagram that I went out for a burger with my mum. We went to a café/bar called Flyt here in Tromso. As some of you already know I am a big fan of burgers, so I was really excited to try out the new vegan option they have added to their menu.



Flyt is a cosy café where you can have a nice cup of coffee or a meal in the afternoon, and then towards the evening it is more like a pub where people go out for beers and to hang out. It is a rather popular place to be if you go out here, but it is not at all what you would call a club. 20170803_155713

Black bean pattie

Chunky salsa

Seasoned potato wedges

I was really excited when I heard that they had added a vegan option to their menu! There is not too many vegan options in this city, and this was one of the last places I expected would cater for vegans, so I was really impressed by that. It is a black bean burger served with potato wedges, some traditional veggies and chunky salsa, and then there is the option to add any additional toppings you would like. If you are vegetarian they also have two veggie burgers. They also have a “vegetarian salad”, but I suppose making this vegan should be easy.


I really enjoyed the burger. I have had some bean burgers before that are dry, but this one was not. Black beans are also one of my favourite beans (And one of the kinds that have the most protein). The salsa that came with it was chunky and worked really well with the burger, especially because I ordered mine with pineapple as well. I enjoyed the potato wedges, they were really well seasoned. I liked that they did not use the traditional kind of chips. For me it makes the meal feel a bit more like McDonald´s takeaway…


If you ever go here, just make sure to tell them that you are vegan. The menu itself can be a bit misleading, because some of the options that you can have with the vegan burger are not vegan. It might be to appeal more to the majority of the city, but it was not a problem at all once I told them I was vegan.



All in all I had a really good experience. The food might not be the healthiest option, but it was certainly nice. The premises are really cosy, making it a good place to have dinner. I suppose a good thing is that if you are going out with non-vegans they will also be able to find something on the menu, while you can enjoy your vegan burger. I enjoyed the meal and I even more enjoyed having it with my beloved mum.

Speak to you soon!

Kennet x


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