Dental health as a vegan? My top tips for a healthy smile!

I went to the dentist yesterday. For me it has always been important to have healthy teeth, and my mum used to take me to the dentist every year when I was younger. Even though the prices for a trip to the dentist is ridiculously expensive for adults in Norway, I still go once a year when I am visiting my hometown. I do get quite a lot of compliments about my teeth, which shows it is worth giving them a little bit of attention. After all, the teeth are one of the first things you notice on a person.


When I first got in there I must admit I was a bit worried about what they would find. For several years I have had some early stages of tooth decay, but it has never been bad enough to do anything about it. BUT everything was fine! The dentist told me she was so pleased and that I (I quote) had “fantastic teeth”. Everything she tried to tell me I had to do with my teeth I am already doing, so she said it is not necessary for me to come in for a check every year anymore. Instead she suggested that I could do it every second year. I am really pleased that feedback!IMG_20170707_153853_448

Some people are worried that going vegan will affect their dental health, which is something I also thought about when I went I first decided to commit to veganism. This can actually be an issue as vegans naturally eat more acidic food, such as fruit. However, you would still get a lot more nutrients from those kinds of food than you would having a glass of coke. In addition to this, adapting to a plantbased diet will also change the pH balance in the body, making it more alkaline, which then again also positively affects the pH in the mouth. An alkaline pH is actually supposed to significantly lower the risk of cancer as well. I see it as a win-win to live on a plantbased diet.


Those who know me know that I spend a fair amount of time on dental care. Through the years I have developed a strong routine to avoid tooth decay, and now that it is confirmed that it works I thought I would share them with you. Here is a list of the 5 things I do before I go to bed:

  1. Tongue scraping
  2. Floss
  3. Solo toothbrush for the back of the front teeth and behind the molars
  4. Electric toothbrush (Or normal for when I travel)
  5. Mouthwash

In addition to this I have a couple of tricks that I also know make a difference for my teeth:

  • Drink LOTS of water
  • Rinse your mouth with water after every meal
  • Rinse your mouth with water after you have drunk anything else than water or dairy-free milk
  • Never brush your teeth after you have consumed something acidic, wait at least an hour
  • Only use mouthwash (And preferably floss) after a night out
  • Never buy refined sugar
  • Avoid soda, fruit juice, squash, cordial, alcohol and sweets as much as possible.

If anyone is avoiding going vegan because of the risks for the teeth, do not. As with any other diet your teeth will get bad if you do not take care of them. With a bit of attention you will easily manage to keep that beautiful smile of yours shining!

Kennet x


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