Kafé Globus

Hello everyone!

I have visited Kafé Globus several times this summer, and I just love it so much. In fact, I would actually say it has become one of my favourite places in Tromso. It has a relaxed atmosphere and they often play calming jazz music. The staff is really helpful, and the premises are so cute. Not to mention the great food!




A couple of days ago I was out in town doing a photoshoot, and one of the waitresses, I suppose her name was Kendra, from Globus approached me. She had seen photos from my earlier visits to the café and she also saw that I had promised to review it here on my blog. She kindly asked if I would be okay with them sharing it when I post it. Of course I said yes! That is why I am writing these, to share my vegan food experiences with you guys if you are ever around any of these places.



I find that they have a lot of vegan options here, probably one of the biggest selections in town. They also have some vegetarian dishes that can easily be made vegan – very often just skip the cheese. They also have a variety of teas and coffees with soy milk available, and some alcohol if you fancy that. They also have two freshly pressed juices, one with carrot and one with beetroot, as well as iced tea (Which very much looks homemade). They even have a really tasty vegan chocolate cake! It is more like a brownie, but for me that is just even better! Fudgy and chocolatey, sends me straight to heaven.

Iced tea
Fresh juice
Vegan chocolate cake

I also need to take a minute to talk about the lentil soup they have here. It is so bloody BOMB! I honestly think it is the best soup I have had in my life. It is so full of flavour and is served up really nicely. There is also the option to have some bread one the side (Which, of course, also is vegan) for barely no extra cost. I got sourdough bread, and it went so, so well with the soup. I think the best part is that it was actually a really filling lunch. Next time I might order a little salad on the side, though, or have one of those fresh juices with it. Sometimes with vegan soup they are not very filling, but because of the proteins from both the lentils and the bread it was spot on. Some of my new (And first ever!) vegan friends here in Tromso recommended trying this soup, and I will definitely keep that ball rolling and recommend it to other people.


Until this summer I have never been to Globus before, and it seems like very few of the people I know even realise it is there. It is a shame, because in a short period of time it has become one of my favourite places to go! If they keep adding more vegan options, and maybe even a separate vegan menu, it would have been even better. I will definitely come back when I am in town, and I know that applies to the other vegans here. I think it is a good place for everyone looking for a nice meal or coffee in a relaxing café. If you have not been here yet, I could not recommend it enough!

Kennet x

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