Hi there, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Kennet Robertsen, and I am a dancer and model based in London, currently doing my degree at London Studio Centre.


My journey

After moving to London in 2015 to study I also discovered my passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle along the way. Through social media I was introduced to a variety of people focusing on healthy, plantbased lifestyles. I was intrigued about how these people looked so happy and healthy, and eagerly started doing research of my own. To make a long story short, one year later I decided to convert to a plantbased diet myself. I focus on having a balanced, satisfying and nourishing diet that predominately consists of whole foods.

I personally find comfort being in the kitchen, which is why I gladly spend time there. While I cook I also use the time to digest what I have experienced that day. I suppose food is the one thing I do not really put a price tag on, as I know the food I eat is good for me. I believe in nourishing the body from the inside and out, and with the right diet I think you will obtain the look, body composition, mood and overall health that you wish. Even though I passionately spend time and energy on food, I strongly believe being healthy does not have to be boring, time consuming or expensive. It is what you make it.

The blog

This blog focuses on my lifestyle as a healthy vegan dancer, and is also meant to bridge the gap between the professional performer and what happens behind the scenes and in between. With the blog I want to show that it is very possible to be an athlete as well as living a vegan lifestyle, like myself. I hope to inspire other people to live a healthier and happier life, in the same way that others inspired me.

Thank you for visiting!

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