Trying to settle into my new home I went shopping on Oxford Street to get the essentials for my room. No, I am not a fan of Oxford Street. I believe it is just something that changes when you live in London. However, after hours and hours of walking on that busy street I was... Continue Reading →

Redemption Bar Shoreditch

Good evening! A couple of weeks ago I had a really nice brunch at Redemption Bar in Shoreditch with my two previous flatmates. I do love eating out, and I do not really say no to go out for a meal either, but this was a special occasion. It was to mark the end of... Continue Reading →

Fed by Water

Hi everyone! I just want to share this amazing restaurant with you. It is called Fed by Waterย and is based in Dalston in London. I must say they serve the most amazing plantbased Italian gourmet food. The atmosphere in the restaurant is great, the food and drinks are delicious and the staff is super friendly.... Continue Reading →

Vegan Market + Naked Burrito Party

Good evening! I just came home, been out and about all day long. It has been a really good day, though. First, I went to Hackney Downs Vegan Market, and then later to a Naked Burrito Dinner Party. I am soo full right now, but I have had some unbelievably yummy food! Hackney Downs Vegan... Continue Reading →

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